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Easy Breezy Isolation Salad

Since the beginning of isolation my food intake and eating patterns have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

I LOVE having constant access to my kitchen and the ability to make and create meals on the fly. But on the other hand, it has also meant that at times I can feel a bit lazy with my food choices and fall out of my beloved routine (I love routine)...

You guys are always asking me for recipes, and I don't usually write them because I am a little hopeless at measurements when it comes to cooking! However I thought sharing this template for a yummy lunch time throw-together-salad would be useful for you.

This recipe is my GO-TO when I am feeling both lazy and hungry for some nourishing nutrition, so here goes...

Easy Breezy Isolation Salad Recipe


  • Microwave brown rice or quinoa as the base (or left overs if you are prepared!)

  • Diced vegetables you have on hand - cherry tomatoes, capsicum, grated carrot

  • Fresh greens - spinach or rocket

  • Seeds of choice - hemp, sunflower or pumpkin

  • Dressing - I used a homemade dressing or simply use olive oil and/or apple cider vinegar

  • Dried cranberries (I am obsessed with these in a salad!)

  • Optional extras - chicken, walnuts, feta, goats cheese, legumes or beans


  • Microwave or heat your base of brown rice or quinoa

  • Drizzle dressing or olive oil and season if you wish

  • Add your vegetables !

  • Top with greens and seeds

  • Enjoy outside if possible :)

Super easy, a great way to use what you have, takes NO time and is DELICIOUS!

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