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A little about me… My name is Jaime and I’m from Perth, Western Australia.

Like many others, from my teens to my early twenties I struggled with poor body image and negative self talk which stemmed to an eating disorder.

I attempted to seek help from different avenues. At that time, there were very limited options for eating disorder treatment, people didn't talk about eating disorders, and I didn't have the resources to lead me in the right direction.


I never felt I was 'sick enough' for conventional treatment, and I felt shame to talk about what I was going through. Over this time I learnt of many other's in the same situation, each person going through it alone. Through it all, I never lost my faith that I would recover from the illness, and I did. I now consider myself fully recovered.


It is my dream to help others facing the same struggle that I once did.


I provide a safe place where you can find support in creating a state of balance and freedom with food.

Specialty and Interest Areas:


  • The Non-Diet Approach 

  • Mental health areas such as anxiety, depression and disordered eating

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Sleep issues

  • Coeliac Disease and general gut health

  • Womens health and new mums


If you want to:

  • Learn implementable tools to improve your health through food

  • Support your mental health through food, supplements and lifestyle

  • Create individual and mindful techniques to support your relationship with food

  • Learn about nutrition in an inclusive and empowering way 


Then you are in the right place.


Clinical Nutritionist BHSc Nutritional Medicine

ANTA Member




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