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I absolutely love sharing information through blogs and believe it is a powerful way to spread education and awareness. I share posts that are educational and evidence based on specific topics, reflective, motivational and supportive in nutrition and lifestyle areas. I also love to collaborate with others who believe in the NMC message.


I was intrigued to say the least... I am a nutritionist, so what should I be eating? 

Foods Nutritionists Never Eat - A Response

Our environment and lifestyle directly effects how the biochemical pathways in our bodies work.

Mood Series: Top 8 Factors Effecting Your Mood


Today we take a deeper look into the research supporting the link between diet and the pathways involved.

Mood Series: DIET


Do you ever look back on situations, experiences or memories, and feel like you were completely checked out? Sometimes I wake up and think; have I been asleep for the last 6 months? What have I missed?


In my last post we talked about the link between environment, lifestyle and mood symptoms. We saw that our environment and lifestyle can directly effect how the pathways in our bodies work.

Mood Series: Associated Pathways & Biochemical Markers


Being resilient does not mean that we do not face the tough times. We still face them. But, over time, using reflection, acceptance and forgiveness as daily or even momentary practices, resilience will strengthen, and you are able to bounce back from these times much faster.

Resilience and Self Compassion