Heal Your Relationship with Food

Welcome to Nutrition Mind Collective!

My name is Jaime, and I provide 1 on 1 nutritional medicine consultations online.


I love to support overwhelmed women in healing their relationship with food, building confidence when making food choices and breaking free from rigid diets.

I have lived experience with body image issues, negative self talk, and an eating disorder which spanned six years.


Since recovery, I travelled extensively, learning to become more flexible with eating, and introducing life hacks to continue to feel nourished both physically and mentally.


I studied a health science degree in nutritional medicine, and learnt how to support and heal my body, after putting it through years of trauma. 


Through my education and volunteering experience, I have learnt that all eating behaviours are different. We, as humans, are all different


I create Individualised treatment plans which are designed to set you up for success. Including achievable goals that wont overwhelm you.

I am committed to providing a safe environment to assist you in healing your relationship with food, and support your mental and physical health through nutrition and lifestyle.


Create a life where food can be enjoyed.


Inclusive, implementable, nutrition.